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Cat#sort iconPreviewIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
AB00051Image AB00051N757GGrumman G.159 Gulfstream [57]John Deere
AB00052Request PreviewN720GGrumman G.159 Gulfstream
AB00053Request PreviewEC-ACFDouglas DC-4IberiaHeathrow
not sharp
AB00054Request PreviewRS709 HT:Dde Havilland Mosquito
'633 Sqdn' film markings
AB00055Image AB00055D-EJIRFairchild 24R Argus [996]Lesser GerustbauBiggin Hill
AB00056Request PreviewG-AGYLAuster J/1 Autocrat [2003]
AB00057Request PreviewG-AGXUAuster J/1 Autocrat [1969]
AB00058Request PreviewG-AGVNAuster J/1 Autocrat [1873]
AB00059Request PreviewG-AHGZTaylorcraft Plus D [214][#5]
AB00060Request PreviewG-AIKEAuster 5 [1097][#34]
AB00061Request PreviewG-ANIOAuster 5 [1425]
AB00062Request PreviewG-AREIAuster 3 [518]
'MT438' on fuselarge
AB00063Request PreviewG-AGVGAuster J/1U Workmaster [1858]Skyways Flying Club
AB00064Request PreviewG-AIRBAuster J/1 Autocrat [2214]
AB00065Request PreviewG-AJIDAuster J/1 Autocrat [2218]
AB00066Request PreviewG-AHSOAuster J/1N Alpha [2123]
AB00067Request PreviewG-APKLAuster J/1N Alpha [3383]
AB00068Request PreviewG-AMZVAuster J/5g Autocar [3065]
AB00069Request PreviewG-AOGMAuster J/5P Autocar [3197]
AB00070Request PreviewG-AMKUAuster J/1 Autocrat [2721]Fison-Airwork
AB00071Request PreviewG-APCBAuster J/5Q Alpine [3204]
AB00072Request PreviewG-AKEGMiles M.65 Gemini 3c [6299]
AB00073Request PreviewG-AJWEMiles M.65 Gemini 1a [6452]
AB00074Request PreviewG-AILLMiles M.38 Messenger 2a [6341]
AB00075Request PreviewG-ADGPMiles M.2L Hawk Six [160][#96]
AB00076Request PreviewG-AHYLMiles M.14a Hawk Trainer 3 [2071]
AB00077Request PreviewG-AKAUMiles M.14a Hawk Trainer 3 [1947]
AB00078Request PreviewG-AFJUMiles M.17 Monarch [789][#37]
AB00079Image AB00079G-AMJFde Havilland DH 82a Tiger Moth [84712]
AB00080Image AB00080G-ALUCde Havilland DH 82a Tiger Moth [83094]
AB00081Image AB00081G-AOELde Havilland DH 82a Tiger Moth [82537]
AB00082Image AB00082G-AOCVde Havilland DH 82a Tiger Moth [82869][#11]
AB00083Request PreviewG-ANUJde Havilland DH 82a Tiger Moth [85942]
AB00084Request PreviewG-AIJAde Havilland DH 82a Tiger Moth [85520]LT (CB) ZA Flg Club
weary neg
AB00085Request PreviewG-AOJHde Havilland DH 83c Fox Moth [FM.42]
AB00086Request PreviewG-AORAde Havilland DH 82a Tiger Moth [3364]
AB00087Request PreviewG-AOGSde Havilland DH 82a Tiger Moth [3815]
AB00088Request PreviewG-APJRde Havilland DH 82a Tiger Moth [83712]
AB00089Request PreviewG-APRAde Havilland DH 82a Tiger Moth [85347]Tiger Club
#28 'The Sue Burges'
AB00090Request PreviewG-AOEXThruxton Jackaroo [86483]
AB00091Request PreviewG-APAIThruxton Jackaroo [85838]
AB00092Request PreviewG-AMXLDHC DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 [C1/0242]
AB00093Request PreviewG-AOZVDHC DHC-1 Chipmunk 22a [C1/0230]Airways Aero Assn
AB00094Image AB00094G-AORRDHC DHC-1 Chipmunk T10 [C1/0018]5/1956
Prior to conversion and still carrying blanked out RAF marks. WB566 :59 of 4 BFTS . Location possibly at RAF MU. (not a sharp neg)
AB00095Request PreviewG-AIRKde Havilland DH 82a Tiger Moth [82336]
AB00096Request PreviewG-ACMNde Havilland DH 85 Leopard Moth [7050]
AB00097Request PreviewG-APKHde Havilland DH 85 Leopard Moth [PPS/85/1/7131]
AB00098Image AB00098G-AFSVChilton DW.1a [DW.1A/1]Yeadon Flg Club
AB00099Request PreviewG-AEBJBlackburn B.2 Srs 1 [6300/8]
AB00100Image AB00100EP-AIJAuster J/1 Autocrat