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Cat#sort iconPreviewIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
AB00247Request PreviewVP-YGZBeech B 35 Bonanza
AB00248Request PreviewG-ATBIBeech A23 Musketeer [M-696]
too close to camera
AB00249Request PreviewG-AVHFBeech A23-19 Musketter Sport III [MB-236]
AB00250Image AB00250G-AVNABeech A65 Queen Air [LC-267]Guinness
AB00251Request PreviewG-AREXAeronca 15AC Sedan [15AC-61]
AB00252Request PreviewN4171BAero Commander 520
AB00253Request PreviewG-ARJAAero Commander 520 [520-150]
AB00254Request PreviewG-APZWChampion 7FC Tri-Traveller [393]
hairline on neg
AB00255Request PreviewG-ARGBAuster 6A [2593]
wing tips out of shot
AB00256Request PreviewG-ARKCAuster 6A [2261]
AB00257Request PreviewG-ARLGAuster D.4/108 [3606]Beagle Auster Flying Club
AB00258Request PreviewG-ARLHBeagle A.61 Terrier 2 [B.3720]
AB00259Request PreviewG-ARLOBeagle A.61 Terrier 2 [2500]
AB00260Request PreviewG-ARSLBeagle A.61 Terrier 1 [2539]
AB00261Request PreviewG-ARKEBeagle A.61 Terrier 2 [B.501]
AB00262Request PreviewG-ARRMBeagle B.206x [B.001]Beagle
AB00263Image AB00263D-EGSEBölkow Bo.207 [202]
AB00264Request PreviewSE-EWA
AB00265Request PreviewG-ARSOLet L-40 Meta Sokol [150906]
AB00266Request PreviewG-ARYLLet Aero 145 [20-003]
AB00267Request PreviewG-ARYJLet L-200a Morava [170804]
AB00268Image AB00268N19923Douglas C-53 [4880]ex United AirlinesEastern USA c1948
No titles
AB00269Request PreviewVH-PMMCessna 172 Skyhawk [36295]
AB00270Request PreviewG-ARAACessna 182C Skylane [52646]Baggington 30/4/61
Crashed IoW 5/61
AB00271Request PreviewPX329de Havilland DH Hornet FIIIRAF
AB00272Request PreviewG-ATTLBeagle B.206 Srs 2 [B028]Biggin Hill
AB00273Request PreviewG-AIAGPercival P.44 Proctor 5 [AE88]
small image
AB00274Request PreviewG-APJHPercival P.40 Prentice 1 [PAC/307]ATELSouthend
VS682 unconverted
AB00275Request PreviewG-AGUSMiles M.65 Gemini 2 [4701]
AB00276Request PreviewF-BJEIJodel D.119[Bambi]
AB00277Request PreviewSE-*RLFairey Firefly
dirty neg
AB00278Image AB00278G-AKGVde Havilland DH 89a Rapide [6796]
AB00279Image AB00279SL549Supermarine Spitfire LF XVI17 Sqdn RAF [UT:N]
Sqdn marking on nose
AB00280Request PreviewOO-AJTZlin Z-226 Trener 6
AB00281Request PreviewOO-AIAAircoupe / Ercoupe type
AB00282Request PreviewG-AFGKMiles M.11a Whitney Straight [509]
AB00283Image AB00283F-BEICDouglas C-47B [15765/27210]Ste Transatlantique Aerienne (STA)Northolt
appears to have 'BEA' on nose
AB00284Request PreviewG-AIGMAuster J/1N Alpha [2177]
AB00285Request PreviewCCCP-42390Tupolev Tu-104AeroflotHeathrow
AB00286Request PreviewG-AIPHAuster J/4 [2077]
AB00287Request PreviewG-AGVGAuster J/1U Workmaster [1858]
a/c in original mfgs c/s. (Marks on neg)
AB00288Request PreviewG-AHXETaylorcraft Plus D [171]
AB00289Image AB00289G-AJVTAuster 5 [1495]
original mfgs c/s
AB00290Image AB00290G-AJXCAuster 5 [1409]
AB00291Image AB00291G-AGYMAuster J/1N Alpha [2004]
AB00292Image AB00292G-ANIRAuster 5 [1438]
AB00293Request PreviewG-AHALAuster J/1N Alpha [1870]
AB00294Request PreviewG-AHLIAuster 3 [540]
AB00295Request PreviewG-AIGDAuster J/1N Alpha [2186]
AB00296Image AB00296G-APAHAuster 5 [3402]