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Cat#sort iconPreviewIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
AB00297Request PreviewG-AGXPAuster J/1 Autocrat [1965]
AB00298Request PreviewG-AMRFAuster J/5f Aiglet Trainer [2716]
spots on neg
AB00299Request PreviewG-AIPWAuster J/1/160 Autocrat [2204]
AB00300Request PreviewG-AJXCAuster 5 [1409]
AB00301Image AB00301G-AIPVAuster J/1 Autocrat [2203]
AB00302Image AB00302G-AGXUAuster J/1 Autocrat [1969]
Mfgs original c/s
AB00303Request PreviewG-AGZMPercival P.28 Proctor 1 [K293]
AB00304Request PreviewG-APKMAuster J/1N Alpha [3385]
AB00305Image AB00305F-BIXZJodel-Wassmer D.120 L
AB00306Image AB00306F-BHTRJodel-Wassmer D.120 [18][D'Artagnan]
AB00307Image AB00307N2611CCessna 310 [35011]Kidlington 24/4/1959
Became G-ARBI and crashed 02/08/1972
AB00308Request PreviewF-BHTIBeech B35 Bonanza
AB00309Request PreviewG-ANIEAuster 5 [1809]
AB00310Request PreviewCF-FNMAeronca 15AC
AB00311Request PreviewG-APUWAuster J/8L Aiglet Trainer [3273]
AB00312Request PreviewG-APWTHomebuilt Currie Wot [HAC4]Hampshire Aeroplane Club
AB00313Request PreviewG-APXDAviamilano F.8L Falco 3 [216]
AB00314Request PreviewG-APZGPiper PA-24 250 Comanche [24-1197]
Mfgs original c/s
AB00315Request PreviewG-AMTEAuster J/5f Aiglet Trainer [2784]
AB00316Request PreviewG-AVEAMalmö MFI-9 [4]
regn in shadow lettering
AB00317Request PreviewG-AVWNPiper PA-28R 180 Arrow [28R-30170]Kidlington
wing tip out of shot
AB00318Image AB00318G-AVWEPiper PA-28 140 Cherokee [28-23720]Kidlington
wing tip out of shot
AB00319Request PreviewG-AVTTErco 415d Ercoupe [4399]
AB00320Request PreviewG-AVBGPiper PA-28 180 Cherokee C [28-3801]Kidlington
AB00321Request PreviewG-AVJXShort SC-7 Skyvan 3 300 [SH1838]Ansett-MALBiggin Hill
AB00322Request PreviewG-AVEHSIAI-Marchetti S.205/20R [346]
AB00323Request PreviewG-AHVVde Havilland DH 82a Tiger Moth [86123]
AB00324Request PreviewG-ANOSde Havilland DH 82a Tiger Moth [85461]
AB00325Request PreviewG-AVYNPiper PA-28 180 Cherokee [28-4662]
AB00326Request PreviewG-AVWUPiper PA-28R 180 Arrow [28R-30380]
AB00327Request PreviewG-AWERPiper PA-23 250 Aztec [27-3852]CSEKidlington
AB00328Image AB00328G-ASWAPiper PA-28 140 Cherokee [28-20349]CSE [WA]Kidlington
AB00329Request PreviewG-AWIHMooney M.20C Mark 21 [680107]Kidlington
AB00330Request PreviewG-AVUMHughes 269b [670317]Kidlington
AB00331Request PreviewG-AVZCHughes 269b [450189]Kidlington
AB00332Image AB00332G-AVJNBrantly B.2b [473]Kidlington
being de-crated
AB00333Image AB00333G-AREBCessna 175B Skylark [56818]Kidlington
large and small regns
AB00334Image AB00334G-ATHUBeagle A.61 Terrier 1 [AUS/127/FM]Kidlington
AB00335Image AB00335G-AKPIAuster 5 [1088]Southend
Thanks to Jim Brazier for identifying the location.
AB00336Image AB00336G-ASRGBeagle A.61 Terrier 2 [B.633]
AB00337Image AB00337152166Lockheed P-3A OrionUSN [SG:10A]
AB00338Image AB00338F-BBEYNord 1203 Norecrin [345]
Nord Norecrin type (V.thick neg)
AB00339Request PreviewF-BCMSMorane-Saulnier MS 502 [664]
Storch type
AB00340Request PreviewN9996FFairchild 24W Argus
AB00341Request PreviewOO-GAOFairchild 24R Argus
AB00342Request PreviewF-BBIMAermacchi MB 320 [5907/3]
AB00343Request PreviewG-ANZXAgusta-Bell 47G [17]
advertising 'Hennessy'
AB00344Request PreviewOY-AAPKramme & Zeuthen KZ VII [152]
AB00345Image AB00345OO-INTPercival Proctor
AB00346Request PreviewG-AOKIPercival P.40 Prentice 1 [PAC/018]ATELSouthend