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Cat#sort iconPreviewIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
AB00347Request PreviewF-BILYGardan GY.201 Minicab [22]
damaged neg (spots)
AB00348Request PreviewF-PHFRJodel D.9 Turbulent
AB00349Request PreviewEI-AJMPiper PA-22 Tri-Pacer
AB00350Request PreviewG-AMUFDHC DHC-1 Chipmunk 21 [C1/0832]Air Service Training
AB00351Request PreviewG-ATKKBAe 125 1a [25064]
AB00352Request PreviewF-BIJYCoopavia-Menavia CP.301A Emeraude [224]
spots on neg
AB00353Request PreviewSP-SABMil Mi-Hare
AB00354Request PreviewD-ECADBölkow Bo.107 [101]
AB00355Image AB00355G-APFZAuster B.8 Agricola [B118]Aerial Agriculture Ltd
AB00356Image AB00356F-BIJACoopavia-Menavia CP.301A Emerauld [201]
AB00357Image AB00357G-AOJMDHC DHC-1 Chipmunk T10 [C1/0079]ex RAF
WB633 in temporary ferry markings. G-AOJN and one other beyond. Grainy image
AB00358Request PreviewOO-NIFTipsy Nipper
AB00359Request PreviewG-AOXOTipsy Belfair [537]
AB00360Image AB00360G-AOFUEdgar Percival EP.9 Prospector [20]
AB00361Request PreviewNC231EWaco AVN-8
AB00362Request Preview5011Waco 10Riverside, Calif c 1925
AB00363Request PreviewN18865Lockheed 12A
AB00364Image AB00364N2848DHC DHC-1 Chipmunk
AB00365Request PreviewN5546NMartin B26c MarauderConfederate Air Force
civil c/s
AB00366Request Preview3774Beech UC-45J ExpeditorUSN
AB00367Request PreviewN57793Boeing A75N1(PT17)
AB00368Request PreviewN7191Bushby-Long Midget Mustang
AB00369Request PreviewN7611USmith MinistarBill Simpson [Jerseyville Air Force]
AB00370Request PreviewN5900Douglas DC-7CClub America I
AB00371Request PreviewN7727Spinks Akromaster
AB00372Request PreviewN8646EHurry J-1 Sport
AB00373Request PreviewN11981Smith MinistarBill Beaty [Jerseyville Air Force]
AB00374Request PreviewOD-AFIConvair 990A CoronadoMEAUSA
AB00375Request PreviewN5039BAC One Eleven 401American Airlines
AB00376Request Preview0-32280Boeing B-47E-5-BO StratojetSAC USAF
AB00377Request Preview0-90389Boeing B-50D-125-BO
AB00378Request Preview6451Convair F-106A Delta DartUSAF
AB00379Request Preview53-475Douglas B-66B Destroyer363rd TRW USAF [JN:]
AB00380Request Preview62008Douglas C-133A Cargomaster436th MAW USAF
AB00381Request PreviewF-BHEHDouglas DC-4Air France
AB00382Request PreviewI-LIFEConvair 340
No titles
AB00383Request PreviewG-AJCPDruine D.31 Turbulent(Mod) [PFA- 512]
AB00384Image AB00384G-ARULLevier Cosmic Wind [103 & PFA/1511][#5]Redhill
AB00385Image AB00385G-AOTKDruine D.53 Turbi [PFA- 230]
AB00386Image AB00386G-AKJDSlingsby T.29b [599]
AB00387Request PreviewG-AKFNFairchild 24W-41A Argus II [839]
AB00388Image AB00388G-AISUSupermarine VS.394 Spitfire F.Vb [CBAF.1060][#40]
AB00389Image AB00389G-APXMPiper PA-22 160 Tri Pacer [22-7055][Mother's Blessing]
'Mother's Blessing'
AB00390Request PreviewN400KCLockheed JetStarKimberley ClarkeGatwick
AB00391Request PreviewG-AVUKEnstrom F-28a [12]Twyford Moors Helicopters
AB00392Request PreviewN871DLockheed JetStarHeathrow
AB00393Image AB00393N9010CGrumman TBM-3 Avenger
ex BuAer 53200
AB00394Image AB00394N4172AGrumman TBM-3 AvengerAerial Aplicators (?)Salt Lake City 5/8/66
AB00395Image AB00395EP-VRPLockheed JetStarGatwick Q3/72
AB00396Request PreviewG-ATUAPiper PA-25 235 Pawnee [25-3738]ADS (Aerial) Ltd