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Cat#sort iconPreviewIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
BC00008-22Image BC00008-22UTV 271HFord D srs vanLucan Transport Ltd (LTC)Laleham Depot 1976
BC00008-23Image BC00008-23GJJ 434JBedford TK boxLucan Transport Ltd (LTC)Laleham Depot 1976
BC00008-24Image BC00008-245198 [M]Dodge tbd kerosine tankerMalta 1976
BC00008-25Image BC00008-2558705 [M]Austin K9 lutonMedway Marine Ltd (Malta)Malta 1976
Former army radio van
BC00008-26Image BC00008-262456 [M]Dodge tbdMalta busMalta 1976
Route 62
BC00008-27Image BC00008-273349 [M]Dodge tbdMalta busMalta 1976
Route: 62
BC00008-28Image BC00008-282837 [M]Bedford OMalta busMalta 1976
Route: 44
BC00008-29Image BC00008-293313 [M]Bedford QL MifsudMalta busMalta 1976
BC00008-30Image BC00008-305291 [M]Dodge tbd CashaMalta busMalta 1976
BC00008-31Image BC00008-311872 [M]Ford ET6/7Malta busMalta c1976
Route: 34
BC00009-01Image BC00009-0123251 [M]Austin 10 "Tilly" utilityMalta c1976
BC00009-02Image BC00009-028492 [M]Fordson Thames E83W vanMalta c1976
BC00009-03Image BC00009-0317896 [M]Bedford O tiltMalta c1976
No titles
BC00009-04Image BC00009-043315 [M]Commer early Superpoise busMalta busMalta c1976
BC00009-05Image BC00009-052829 [?]Albion Chieftain (?) AquilenaMalta busMalta c1976
Our thanks to David Powell for identifying this bus.
BC00009-06Image BC00009-063548 [M]tbd tbdMalta busMalta c1976
Route: 44 Can anybody identify the chassis and body please?
BC00009-07Image BC00009-072687Dodge tbd ZammitMalta busMalta c1976
Route: 60
BC00009-08Image BC00009-082299 [M]Ford Thames ET6/7 busMalta bus (green)Malta 1976
Route: 26
BC00009-09Image BC00009-09360 [M]Bedford ? tbdMalta bus (green)Malta 1976
Bedford radiator badge but is it?
BC00009-10Image BC00009-103570 [M]Bedford OW dropsideMalta 1976
No titles
BC00009-11Image BC00009-113548 [M]Federal tbdMalta bus (green)Malta 1976
Route: 44 Can anybody identify the body please?
BC00009-12Image BC00009-122554 [M]See remarks CiantarMalta bus (green)Malta 1976
David Powell tells us that this had a chassis that was built from spares by the Malta Drydocks Co. and Ciantar bodywork. Thanks David.
BC00009-13Image BC00009-131641 [M]Bedford OMalta bus (green)Malta 1976
Route: 40
BC00009-14Image BC00009-142281 [M]"Dodge" tbdMalta bus (green)Malta 1976
Route: 88 It says "Dodge" but is it?
BC00009-15Image BC00009-152750 [M]Austin tbdMalta bus (green)Malta 1976
Route 80:
BC00009-16Image BC00009-168223 [M]Austin A40 Devon vanMalta 1976
BC00009-17Image BC00009-1716385 [M]Austin 10 Utility Truck tiltMalta 1976
BC00009-18Image BC00009-182832 [M]Dodge tbdMalta bus (green)Malta 1976
Route: 2
BC00009-19Image BC00009-192981 [M]Leyland Hippo (modified)Malta bus (green)Malta 1976
Route: 2 This is a Leyland Hippo - new as a lorry with the Royal Navy during WW2, it was bodied as a bus in the late 40s - initially retaining its three axles, then converted to 2-axle layout in the early 1950s. It was rebodied and the engine moved to u
BC00009-20Image BC00009-208580 [M]Ford E494C vanMalta 1976
BC00009-21Image BC00009-215198 [M]Dodge tbd kerosine tankerMalta 1976
BC00009-22Image BC00009-2211161 [M]Morris Eight Series Z 5 cwt vanMalta 1976
BC00009-23Image BC00009-2324064 [M]Willys Overland (1920) tourerMalta 1976
At Shell roadside filling point. Our thanks to Russell Linfoot for identifying this vehicle.
BC00009-24Image BC00009-245637 [M]Fordson Model 51 dropsideMalta 1976
No titles
BC00009-25Image BC00009-25243096 [M]Leyland Hippo mobile craneMalta 1976
Fitted with radiator from AEC
BC00009-26Image BC00009-2624594 [M]Bedford OW dropsideMalta 1976
No titles
BC00009-27Image BC00009-277451 [M]Fordson Thames 7V tipperPWDPHMalta 1976
BC00009-28Image BC00009-2822709 [M]Austin 10 Light Utility tiltMalta 1976
BC00009-29Image BC00009-2930174 [M]Dodge WC52 recovery vehicle + tiltMalta 1976
BC00009-30Image BC00009-30912 [M]Morris 10 Light Utility tiltMalta 1976
BC00009-31Image BC00009-3138240 [M]Leyland HippoMalta 1976
BC00009-32Image BC00009-3212774 [M]Ford Zephyr convertableMalta 1976
BC00009-33Image BC00009-3372975 [M]Standard Vanguard Ph 2 vanMalta 1976
BC00009-34Image BC00009-3452814 [M]Thoynycroft Amazon mobile craneMalta 1976
No titles
BC00009-35Image BC00009-3524075 [M]Bedford OW recovery vehicleMalta 1976
BC00010-01Image BC00010-01MTM 503Chevrolet Bel Air 4 door sedanno title
Probably 1953 model year. Bumper sticker reads " Keep America Beautiful RESTORE AN EDSEL". Our thanks to Lewis Burrell for cataloguing this image
BC00010-02Image BC00010-02MTM 503Chevrolet Bel Air 4 door sedanno title
Probably 1953 model year.. Our thanks to Lewis Burrell for cataloguing this image
BC00010-03Image BC00010-03BVF 437JAEC Reliance Plaxton Panorama EliteRed Car ServiceAldenham ? 1976
BC00010-04Image BC00010-04BB 111Cadillac DeVille Series 683 2 door convertibleno title
Probably 1969 model year.. Our thanks to Lewis Burrell for cataloguing this image
BC00010-05Request PreviewJYB 421KMercury Park Lane (1964 model)
. Our thanks to Grant Cox for cataloguing this image